Day Trip to Big Bight

By Maike ter Elst

Last Sunday was the perfect day for a day trip! 
We set off with a full boat on a sunny Sunday morning and conditions proved to be perfect. Cruising to the northeast end of the island with 2 groups of 6 divers we dove the mysterious 'Dolphins Den' aka 'Dolphins graveyard', a channel with Caverns and chambers where dolphin skeletons have been found. The myth is dolphins went to this place to die. Or maybe they accidentally swam inside and got lost, who knows. Either way it was an absolutely gorgeous dive exploring all the nooks and crannies inside.
During a tasty lunch with sandwiches and Lana's home made guacamole with tortilla chips, we made our way to the shallow, turquoise waters of The Big Bight. Another gorgeous dive was done and we set off for our sunny, smooth trip home whilst enjoying a nice, cool, post-dive beer. We brought a boat full of smiles and good memories back! 
Enjoy the photos!