BlackWater Diving Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your interest in Blackwater Diving. This unique and extreme dive carries with it some special conditions:


Advanced Certified Divers with Night Diving experience, and 25 logged dives is the bare minimum skill level welcome on this dive. We will discuss with you via email, or here at the dive center about your experience.

Ocean Conditions:

This is open ocean diving. For the diver there is no bottom, or anything solid for a reference point. We will be subject to currents and winds. This being the case, weather and wind forecasts play a big part in scheduling these dives. We must have relatively calm seas and winds, and will not attempt the dive in seas we judge to be too rough.


West End Divers is not responsible for elevated heart rates, feelings of apprehension, spiritual wonder, or soiled skivvies.

We must have a minimum of four divers to offer this dive.

Blackwater Dives..........60 minutes................... $150 ea

High Intensity Underwater lights provided.