Best of October 2018

For all dive enthusiasts, Roatan is known for its famous pristine barrier reef, its turquoise and clear waters, and its unique underwater topography all within a short boat ride. Whether you are a macro, or a wide angle underwater photographer/videographer, Roatan will be your new favorite sub-aquatic playground.

rEVO  brand Rebreather

rEVO brand Rebreather

Recently we had the pleasure of welcoming a group of Technical CCR divers, and they managed to show us Roatan’s reef from a totally different angle.

Ken, and Chris pre-breathing prior to re-breathing.

Ken, and Chris pre-breathing prior to re-breathing.

CCR stands for Closed Circuit Rebreather. It is a “machine” that will retain your exhaled gas within the system in a closed loop, filter it, refresh it and recycle it back to you to breathe again. Obviously, it is much more complicated than that, CCR diving is unlike the open circuit simple 'dunk and dry' diver's kit, the  CCR diver must follow very specific pre, and post dive maintenance procedures for their unit, it is a lot of work but it also has loads of advantages. The “Box” (as the CCR like to call their rebreather) has been part of epic scientific expeditions, and helped recover amazing parts of our history which were unreachable to open circuit divers … As lots of Divers agree, it is considered as the future of TEC Deep Diving.

Mike -the lion killer- Akers

Mike -the lion killer- Akers

CCR are getting really popular because with specialized training they can extend bottom time at depth, and reduce decompression time using real-time computerized mixing of oxygen to maximize nitrogen off-gassing.

Two more big advantages, especially for underwater photographers/videographers is the perfect buoyancy control unaffected by breathing, and the absence of bubbles which allows silent diving. Bubbles escape only during ascent, and mask clearing. This way, you are no longer the noisy open circuit diver, but you are now part of the sea life. According to our recent CCR guests, underwater wildlife is more friendly and curious, which opens up many more opportunities to capture images of the fascinating behaviors of marine life.

Our best of October is dedicated to Roatan through the CCR divers’ eyes. Thanks to Mickey Charteris and Kal Lin for sharing their beautiful pictures and videos. Special thanks to Chris Baird for sending us all the CCR videos and also to Mike Akers and Asa Davis for also participating in the video.

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