West End Divers' Best Of February 2018

As an underwater photographer, every time you dive, you hope you will see something new that you can take picture of, a new specie of fish or invertebrate, a colorful nudibranch, a type of Coral you never seen before or even a close encounter with a marine mammal! Well, we have to say that the Ocean and Mother Nature have been really generous with us during this past month and sharing those incredible dives with many friends was the icing on the cake.

Thanks to all our divers for visiting us this month, our staff for making every dives fun and exciting, all the underwater photographers for sharing their great shots and Kristie for transforming our Recent Sightings Board in a master piece.

Photo credit: Courtney Blankenship, Mickey Charteris, Clement Ignacio, Ken Wallace, Marty Grisham, Debi Cornyn and Kal Lin.