West End Divers'Best Of March 2018

Everyday millions of pictures are uploaded on Facebook or Instagram. Photography is becoming one of the most popular hobbies nowadays. Everybody wants to share their photos with friends and family.  Many people want to archive their memories and experience or just want to let their creative and artistic side free to express itself.

As a scuba diver experiencing the wonder of underwater life, at some point or another, we have all thought about learning how to shoot underwater photography. Before you try to get the perfect picture of your favorite marine animal, it is a good idea to learn a little bit about your equipment, strategies and essential skills to improve your underwater pictures. Learning about underwater photography can be sometimes challenging but in fact really rewarding. So why don’t you jump to the next step and learn more about it?

At West End Divers, to guarantee personal attention, we offer private tailor-made photography course run as one to one with our friend and famous photographer Mickey Charteris. Each underwater photography course includes theory sessions and open water sessions and is designed to focus on the topics you want to cover like set up and maintenance, basic camera techniques, photo composition, subject selection, macro and wide-angle techniques, white balance, flash and strobe positioning and also digital management and editing of pictures. To enroll, you will need to be a certified diver and be the owner of a digital underwater camera (no GoPros).

Last week, Allen Minish enrolled to the 2-day course and after few dives with a stunning visibility and abundant marine life, he decided to share his work with us. A few more underwater photographers were also part of The West End Family this month: Courtney Blankenship, Kal Lin, Clement Ignacio and Vlad Tchompalov. Thanks to all of you for making the West End Divers’ Best of March 2018 a fantastic selection!!