Nudi Week!!

“Who said that there are no Nudis in the Caribbean??”

You all know how satisfying it is for a divemaster to find uncommon underwater critters while diving with a group of enthusiastic fun divers. Our goal is always to make sure that our guests are exposed to the wide diversity of underwater inhabitants living on Roatan’s reef, and get to learn a bit more about this amazing ecosystem.

Commonly, the stars of the show are the sea turtles, rays or sharks. Large mammals are usually the jackpot, but for a lots of divers and underwater photographers who always want to get the unique shot, it is all about the sexy NUDI !!! The more colorful and uncommon the better! It is even more satisfying when the critter is unknown or yet to be found by our friend Mickey Charteris, author of “Caribbean Reef Life”.

Our West End Divers Team were out diving on Sunday, and after a 60-minute dive at Melissa’s Reef, they came back with 3 new Nudibranch sightings, which is quite unusual, even if you know this reef like the back of your hand. With all the excitement of looking up the finds in the “Caribbean Reef Life” book, and the “Reef Creature Identification” book (by Paul Humann) to identify the new sea slugs they found, we got the idea to challenge our group of avid divers to find as many nudibranchs and seaslugs as possible in just 4 days!

The challenge was accepted…

Here is the album of their amazing finds. Thanks to Courtney Blankenship and her eagle eye which always excels in this kind of challenge, she managed to spot about half of the creatures of this album. Thanks to our friend Mickey Charteris for teaching us the secret tricks to finding this unusual stuff and for sharing his knowledge and pictures with all of us. Thanks to our friend Kal Lin for sharing his awesome pictures as always. And thanks to all our guests for supporting us, nothing would be possible without you!

It is always a great day of diving at West End Divers!

Stay Tuned for our next Challenge!!