When Jojo becomes Pro!


We, as dive instructors, love assisting enthusiastic new divers to become confident ones and share with them our passion for the underwater world. We love seeing them venture further in their dive education and helping them to take their diving to a whole different level. As the divers get more experienced and confident, we see them get more and more involved in the reef conservation and willing to pass on their new knowledge to others, which is the ultimate goal for us.


This past year, we had the pleasure to welcome Joseph in our West End Divers team. To be honest, Jojo was not the most graceful skin diver at that time, but he was eager to learn! A year passed and Joseph made it all the way up to the prestigious rank of PADI Divemaster! Joseph is someone that no matter what, will give his best to others with a smile on his face, always helping and showing respect to the place he calls home, and the reef he dives! We are so proud of him and are so excited to seeing him excelling in that new duty!

Jojo you worked hard and you earned it! Now you are part of the big family of West End Divers professional divers, congratulations and enjoy it!