Fiascos in Paradise!

We all know that it is tough to impress a bunch of Professional, and experienced divers at only one dive site, but with '‘Fiascos in Paradise”, you certainly can.

“Fiascos in Paradise” is situated in the deep plateau near the Seaquest Deep mooring line. Attached to a beautiful coral head in 100 feet of water, it is the ideal spot to start a deep dive. Great fish activity, healthy coral reef, with a high probability of spotting big stuff and small critters, this is where a group of divers from Tyll’s Dive decided to get a memorial dive site for Uwe.

So we went to visit this dive site yesterday morning and everybody agreed that it was the kind of dive nobody will forget. Asking all the divers who participated to describe this dive site with only one word, the answer were: Insane, Profound, Amazing, Phenomenal, Stupendous, Awesome, Epic, Impressive, Breathtaking, and even Fan- F…..-tastic!

Just to give you a taste of it, in only one dive we got: Eagle rays, Turtles, multiple juvenile spotted drum fish and Jackknifes, 6 Pipe Horses, Mantis Shrimp, Chestnut Moray eel, school of Spade fish, school of Jackfish, dozens of Groupers…

You all understand now that, in less than a month this dive site has already become one of our favorite and we are all looking forward to many more dives like this one.

Share and enjoy this great photo album and thank you to Kal Lin , Tiffanie Andrews-Rost and Mickey Charteris for sharing their awesome work!!