West End Divers' SOL fundraiser event 2019: Game of Throws

This year, West End Divers’ SOL fundraiser event was called “Game of Throws”. It consisted of a fun game for all (kids or adults), where teams of two win by throwing and catching various objects. The game was divided into 3 rounds with every round becoming more challenging.

What are the rules?

The rules are simple. Teams score 2 points when the objects is caught with one hand. If it is caught with 2 hands or touches any part of the body then the team scores 1 point. If the object is not caught at all, then no points are given. The team with the most points win!

The kids were the ones who opened the competition, after 5 funny events, each team got to win a fantastic prize.

The winners of the adults competition are Pablo and Sam from Cayuco Reef Divers. These guys fought hard with the 11 other teams to win a very special prize: 2 Blackwater Dives!!

Big thank you to all our sponsors:

Mark and The Roatan Island Brewing Company, Ed from the Blue Marlin, Tom and the Cafe Escondido’s team, Sue and Mike from Mariposa Lodge, Fernando from Fresh Bakery, Paradise Beach Hotels, Liam from “Memo’s”, Sr Jimmy Miller, Mark from Roacar, Mike from Roatan Skate Bike, Pamela from Bananarama Pizza, Kevin from Cannibal Cafe, Monique from MOcean Photography, Michelle from Waves of Art, Mickey Charteris from Caribbean Reef Life, Carolina from Sealorn, Cressi Store, Mares Store, Vicky from Pucker up, Power Up and I’m with Earth .

Thank you to Tito for cooking us some delicious island fried meat and fried bananas, to Brian for letting us borrow his Music trivia tools and to Kirsty for all the help and the awesome job she is doing at SOL Foundation.

Big Up to the amazing West End Divers Team! You guys were just rock stars yesterday and nothing would be possible without all the energy and love that you put into this project!

Thank you to Bugs and John for being always supportive even with our craziest fundraising event ideas!

And, of course, thank you to everyone who came last night to join the fun. Your generosity and support will change some kids life.

If you were not able to make it last night, it is not too late to donate to SOL Foundation. Follow this link here.

Thanks to Hannah Barr for putting together this great photo album. Share and enjoy!