July: School is Out, SCUBA is In!

School may be out, but Summer is one of the best times to learn how to dive or improve your skills at West End Divers in tropical Roatan. Our year-round temperatures hover just over 81 F (27 C) and SCUBA diving is a great chance to cool down. Summer is also a great time for the whole family to expand horizons or refine SCUBA skills, whether you’ve never been diving before or if you are ready to take the leap into your Advanced Open Water, Specialty or Rescue courses. 


If you’ve never been diving before, summer is an ideal time to try one of our Discover SCUBA diving courses. After a short instructional session and a brief confined water dive, we will take you on your first dive, and share some of our favorite underwater sights with you! We had the pleasure of introducing numerous divers to the underwater world in July through Discover SCUBA, all of whom had an amazing experience! 


This past July, our very own Courtney Blankenship certified the Brown family, adding five new members to the PADI family. Since SCUBA diving is a cooperative, buddy-based activity, it’s the perfect way to spend your summer break! Children as young as 10 can participate in our Junior Open Water certification program, and there is no upper age limit on exploring the aquatic world. 


July was also a great time for specialty diver courses and Advanced Open Water students. Our friend Kim completed her night diving specialty to achieve her Master Scuba Diver rating with Courtney, and Eden worked with Alex to earn her Advanced Open Water certification. Two amazing teenagers, Peri and Sydney, completed their Fish ID specialty together, and had a blast identifying and drawing the sea creatures they saw, including a giant green moray eel and several barracuda. Take a look at all of the amazing specialties we offer; we have something for everyone, from new open water divers to those who have completed their rescue training and beyond. 

The West End Divers family also added another Divemaster to our books on August 1st when Denise Veras completed her DMT program working with our staff. Our program lasts for at least six weeks, and provides participants with the opportunity to earn their PADI professional rating, allowing them to work in the SCUBA industry anywhere in the world. We love having Denise in the shop, and have been incredibly impressed by her work ethic, professionalism, and commitment to teaching others about the underwater world. 

Throughout July, we also offered numerous opportunities for fun divers to explore Roatan’s reefs from a unique perspective. From two-tank trips to the Odyssey shipwreck, Land of the Giants, and Big Bight, we took divers to sites all around the island, exploring everything from very deep wrecks to extremely shallow nudibranch habitats. Divers had the opportunity to see everything from large animals like sharks, octopuses, eagle rays, and turtles to small and unusual sea creatures like sea hairs, tiny translucent crabs, and juvenile “pea” trunkfish. 

August promises to be just as much fun, as our perfect, calm waters continue to offer unmatched biodiversity on one of the world’s healthiest reefs! With our convenient and affordable Stay and Dive packages, it has never been easier to visit Roatan. Send us your dates and pack your bags, and we’ll take care of the rest! Take a look at our accommodation options; we can accommodate all budgets, group sizes, and tastes. We can’t wait to dive with you soon, and welcome you to the West End Divers family; what will be writing about your amazing trip for our August wrap up.

Share and Enjoy this amazing photo album of July 2019 Underwater. Thanks to Mickey Charteris, Kal Lin and Laura Newman for sharing their pictures with us!