Be a Better Buddy!

Are you a good friend? Most people try to cultivate the qualities they admire in others, and are able to emphatically answer yes. 


Are you a good buddy? When it comes to SCUBA, this question is a bit more difficult. Are you the kind of dive partner who cultivates the qualities you admire in other divers? Are your skills as good as your ideal buddy’s? Will you be there for your buddy in an emergency and know what to do if their life depends on it?

Although SCUBA diving is an extremely safe sport with an incredibly low incident rate, emergency situations do occur. After all, human beings are not naturally designed to breath underwater, and SCUBA takes us beyond our natural abilities. It’s part of what makes exploring the underwater world so much fun, and it’s why as divers we have a responsibility to be prepared in the event an emergency does occur. 


At West End Divers, we take our commitment to diver safety seriously, which is one of the reasons that we encourage all of our students to complete the PADI Rescue course. Not only does Rescue teach you valuable self-rescue skills, it helps you become the kind of responsible buddy who is prepared to help in the event of an emergency. Rescue doesn’t just teach you what to do, it helps you build your emergency-preparedness reflexes so that you are prepared to act when a difficult situation occurs. After all, the vast majority of potential SCUBA emergencies are avoided by the intervention of knowledgeable and reliable buddies! 

Carol and Pablito!!

Carol and Pablito!!

Although it is difficult, West End Divers’ Rescue courses are designed to be entertaining and fun. You’ll have the opportunity to meet a whole cast of characters created by West End Divers’ top notch instructional staff to keep you entertained and build your skills. Maybe you’ll have the chance to work with Alex’s alter ego Pablito, an overconfident young man who was certified years ago and hasn’t dived since. Perhaps you’ll get to meet Carol, Courtney’s bead-festooned party animal creation who just wants to have fun! 

The fun atmosphere and creativity of our staff ensures that you’ll have a fun and productive class, where you’ll receive the individual attention that you need to ensure that your skills are there if and when you need them. As instructor Courtney Blankenship explains, “Rescue expands your horizons and your awareness underwater. You’ll never think about being a buddy the same way again!”

With our affordable and convenient stay and dive packages, we can create custom packages that will allow you to complete your Rescue certification with plenty of opportunities to explore Roatan’s amazing reef life on fun dives. 

We can’t wait to dive with you, and help you become the kind of buddy that you would want by your side in the event that an emergency occurred. Contact us today so that we can help you plan your dream vacation!