12 Reasons the Nurse Shark is the Best Shark

In celebration of Shark Week, West End Divers has engaged in a detailed and scientific process to determine which shark is best. Through our intensive process, we have determine that the nurse shark is our favorite because it is objectively best. Here are 12 reasons why we think it should be your favorite shark too:

Nurse Shark.jpg
  1. Nurse sharks love hanging out on the bottom of the ocean, just like us. As SCUBA divers, we think we’re most like the nurse shark—slow and methodical creatures who like to hang out at depth! Unlike most species of sharks, the nurse shark doesn’t have to swim in order to breath!

  2. They’re super cute! Nurse sharks are so ridiculous-looking that they’re cute, and their young can sometimes be seen in West End Divers own backyard on their Mesoamerican Reef. Because they hang out in one spot, they make great models for photos! Like most creatures, the babies are even cuter than the adults!

  3. Nurse sharks are loyal! Unlike most shark species, nurse sharks often mate for life.

  4. Nurse sharks are active hunters at night. Seeing one on a night dive is a sight to behold! Their nocturnal nature is part of why they have such cute, tiny eyes!

  5. Their jaws are amazingly strong. In fact, they can suck a conch right out of its shell! They have the suction power of at least 12 vacuum cleaners!

  6. Nurse sharks are generally non-aggressive and make for a great introduction to sharks. Seeing a nurse shark is a wonderful way to get divers excited about the ocean!

  7. Even though you are not supposed to touch the marine life, nurse shark allegedly can be hypnotized by flipping them over and rubbing their belly! One of our shop owners, John, saw this in action when he was visiting Belize!

  8. Nurse sharks like to party! While they are solitary hunters at night, during the day nurse sharks like to huddle together in groups called “shivers.” We think that’s super cool.

  9. They are among the most studied sharks. Because of their generally docile nature and because of their hardiness, nurse sharks are among the most frequently studied by scientists.

  10. Nurse sharks make funny noises! Because they suck in water in order to breath, and use their vacuum cleaner-like mouths to eat, nurse sharks make a distinctive sucking noise underwater.

  11. They only live in warm water. Hey, we live in Roatan, Honduras! Who wants to dive in cold water?!?

  12. You can only see nurse sharks in the Americas and off the western coast of Africa. We love our local sharks best!


While great whites get their own films and hammerhead photos seem to get the most Instagram love, we think the humble nurse shark is best.

Come book one of our convenient stay and dive packages today so that we can show you how cool nurse sharks are. Just send us your dates and pack your bags and we will take care of the rest!

Can’t wait to dive with you soon!