Labor day underwater!

What a better way to celebrate Labor day with good friends and great dives?

We boarded at 8.30am on the Delfin III with a bunch of fantastic divers. On the schedule that day: Mary’s Place and Mr Bud shipwreck. Our awesome Crew got it well organized, the speakers fully charged, music playlist set, lunch and snacks in the cooler and an extra cooler for the after dive beverages!

By Mickey Charteris

By Mickey Charteris

The conditions were just perfect. The ocean was glassy, almost no wind and the sun was shining. The perfect recipe for an awesome day trip!

Mary’s Place is one of the most spectacular and photogenic dive sites in Roatan, Honduras. Located on the south side of the island, it is unfortunately not a dive site we visit very often as it is so far out and exposed most of the year to east wind and choppy water. Mary’s place is the place to go to if you are looking for something different! Its unique topography is the result of intense volcanic activity. The divers will find themselves in a succession of impressive vertical crevices with enormous overhanging sea fans and abundant fish activity. Good buoyancy control is required if you want to have an enjoyable dive.

By Mickey Charteris

By Mickey Charteris

After a fantastic first dive, our group of enthusiastic divers headed up to Mr Bud’s Shipwreck.

Descending on the Mr Bud mooring line, a sandy, rubble bottom leads you to the sunken cargo ship leaning on one side in 60 feet of water. The wreck was sank in 2004 by Cocoview Resort and is now covered by translucent neon corals and soft corals. It is an easy and accessible wreck dive for entry-level divers. With the lights coming through its numerous windows at the front, you can observe and/or enter the Wheelhouse. You may even meet “Chucky,” a creepy doll left here years ago which now has coral growing in its hair. Our divers ended this dive exploring the shallows in search of macro life.

After 2 special dives, our divers are back on board the Delfin III and now ready to enjoy the easy ride back with a delicious lunch catered by Sandy Buns Bakery.

Stay tuned. We have many more day trips scheduled this year.

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