To err on the side of safety, is no error.


At West End Divers we hold weekly Safety Meetings with the staff to discuss and rectify problems that may be manifesting themselves. These meetings cover most everything from personal conduct to the condition of equipment, boats and shop.

All diving equipment is on a regular maintenance schedule, and taken from service for repair by our over-qualified technician at the first sign of a problem, or wear. All boats are equipped with Oxygen, First Aid Kits, Fire Extinguishers and emergency communication.

All the dives are led by PADI certified professionals with a rating of Divemaster or better. The Divemasters all carry surface marker buoys and signal devices. With most of the dives being drift style dives, typically the divers group up for the prerequisite 3 minute safety stop around the surface buoy while the captain maneuvers the boat into the area. The boat is positioned for boarding when all the divers have surfaced.

Our boat captains have impeccable knowledge of the seas, and the reef and are trained in First Aid, and Diver Rescue. They are divers themselves.

Roatan has a hyperbaric chamber available just a 5 minute drive from West End Divers shop. The technicians in The Cornerstone Hyperbaric Chamber and Clinic are highly trained Doctors who provide this service to professional and recreational divers. We recommend that divers obtain diving insurance such as provided by Divers Alert Network.