Roatan’s Slow Season

We get asked a lot of questions repeatedly. We certainly don’t mind, travelers anywhere are a curious bunch and if you don’t ask, you may never know.

Let’s get the top three asked questions at West End Divers outta the way first:

1.     Do you have Wi-Fi? Yes, we do!

2.     What is the password?  “nopasswordrequired” It changes occasionally.

3.     What has the viz been like? Pretty dang awesome!

As the visits continue and everyone gets involved in the fun and diving and thoughts turn to the next visit, the question becomes; “What is the best time of year to visit Roatan?” 

Until recently my answer has always been; “Anytime except Easter week.” Easter is the most celebrated holiday in Central America, everybody is off work and there are community, family, and religious celebrations throughout the mainland. Roatan becomes Central America’s party capital, and there is hardly a room or bed to be had for the week.

I have had a change of heart this year, although I still don't recommend visiting around Easter. A group of friends from home came down this month for a week of scuba diving and hanging out. This being our usual slow season, the group happened to be our only customers and we were able to do some “custom” dives and entertain a few “special requests”. The weather has been typical for this time of year with dead flat seas and almost no wind. The lack of ocean movement brings about incredible underwater visibility, quite often in excess of one hundred feet horizontally! 

Photo - Ken Wallace

Photo - Ken Wallace

Towards the end of the week we were hearing from our friends how this is the best time to visit. You know, they might be onto something, with the great weather, personalized service, calm seas, no crowds, and incredible diving, who couldn’t have an awesome holiday here this time of year?

From now on, when I am asked what the best time to visit Roatan is, the answer is gonna be “September and October”.

See you here!