The Monthly Sightings for September

Sep sitings.jpg

Once again we share the great and unusual finds of the month here at West End Divers. Yet, I am wondering if it is because of the slow season, and there are not as many “eyes” in the water that we have come to listing the Common Octopus, and the Common Squat Lobster (although I have never seen one). I can offer no explanation for “The Edge of the Universe”, and with time one learns not to ask certain questions.

You may notice a lot of juveniles listed. It just seems to be that season where you come across many schools of tiny fish darting about in masse close to the reef in the caves and crevices. The young crawly things are out too, so a quick peak at a couple is in order.


The Flamingo Tongue Cowrie Snail reaches maturity at about an inch in length, and is pictured here at about a third of that. Although not your typical spiral snail shell, the bright orange spots are actually a membrane covering a solid white shell underneath. Typically found on the soft corals on which they feed, they used to be quite abundant, but collecting for necklaces has made them a little harder to find.

The Bearded Fireworm shown in its juvenile state here can reach a whopping 1 ½ inches in length at maturity. They are reef cleaners usually feeding on dead and decaying matter on the reef, as well as the occasional coral polyp for a touch of variety. The worms are beautiful, fuzzy little things which should be left well enough alone as they live up to their name with nasty bristles.

New Dive Certifications!

West End Divers is pleased to introduce Juan Jose Ringon Cristobal, and Diego Alejandro Schneckenburger Portillo as newly certified Padi Open Water Divers. Many happy adventures!


Advanced Certifications

Katharina Schumann, Justin Tang, Tim Bain, J. David Munz, and Gregory Brehm are now listed among Padi’s Advanced Open Water Divers.


Fabia Schild has attained her Rescue Diver certification, and is staying on at the shop to continue on through her Divemaster certification. We certainly look forward to having her around.

Congratulations to all!