Season's Greetings!

We at West End Divers are blessed with a clientele from around the globe. Given the different customs, religions, cultural backgrounds, and festivities celebrated around these shortest days of the year, we want to take a moment and wish everybody the Happiest of Holidays and a Merry and prosperous New Year!

New Year? How about some new stuff?

We are pleased to announce the addition of Freediving to the activities around the shop. Local high priest of the sport Esteban Darhanpe will be operating out our facility starting in January offering Instruction and excursions in this breath holding sport. Tanks feeling a little heavy? In just a couple of lessons Esteban can have you going to 60 feet without all that "gear".

We are also going to offer Black Water Diving in the New Year. Not for the faint of heart, this is extreme diving done late at night, far offshore, in water a mile deep! The creatures here defy the imagination! Except for the big things ( and you imagine these the whole time). This dive is getting rave reviews from the professionals developing it!

Friend of the shop and part-time instructor Tom Thomson has gone over to the dark side and has taken up rebreather diving. This is strange and weird science, while at the same time being quite impressive in it's implications. Always looking for a buddy, let us get you in contact if you have bringing your CCR in mind.

This is it for THE BLOG this year. It has been fun and I look forward to letting you know what is going on at your favorite little island in the Caribbean, Roatan in the very near future.

Until 2016, Safe Travels from the gang at West End Divers.