The Monthly Sightings - November 2015

We’ve been getting a bit more diving in and the siting board is getting a little more crowded. Kristie is starting to scale down the font size. Soon, we hope to be having to post only the rare and unusual, whereas now some of the more common organisms are making the grade.

Common(?) Could it be that I am wasting my time reading about common sitings? You may ask yourself this, but really what is common underwater? Take the Cryptic Teardrop Crab for instance. It is labeled as “common throughout the Caribbean”, but how common is that? Literally if you are not underwater in the Caribbean Sea, this is one of the rarest creatures ever!

Grouped with the “Clinging” and “Decorator” crabs for identification purposes, these little guys, 3/4” (or a moderate amount of millimeters) across the carapace at most, take material from the surrounding environment and use it for camouflage by attaching the stuff to their shells.

Truthfully, if you found yourself walking down the streets of NYC and there was a crustacean clinging to a skyscraper camouflaged in old newspaper, plastic bottles, and garbage can lids, wouldn’t that be rare enough for you to write on a wall somewhere?

Gosh, I would probably blog about it.

November’s Diving Certifications

PADI open water divers

Stephanie Van Hoeijen, Andrew Slocum, Robert Hairston, Stephen Slocum, Michael Valentine, Rolf Kraus, and John Foulston

PADI advanced open water

Andrew Slocum, Robert Hairston, Stephen Slocum, Michael Valentine, Rolf Kraus, John Foulston, Carla Murphy, and John D Munoz.

Thank you, and congratulations to all!