That's a Wrap!

This week brought a little change of pace here at West End Divers. A five member Canadian production team from Arcadia Content breezed into town on their world tour of filming (amassing digital media?) shipwrecks and Marine Parks/Reserves in popular scuba diving sites globally.

Accompanied by the ever photogenic Christi Etches, now of the Roatan Marine Park, and everybody’s favorite barefoot wanderer Michael Holland, the team made multiple dives on the El Aguila and Odyssey and a few other choice sites. They also conducted interviews with Christi and Nick Bach of the Marine Park, as well as a few fly-overs and photo runs with their remote control drone. It was a strange sight to witness this new technology flying and hovering over West End!

Arcadia Content has an impressive background of features already recorded and published for the likes of National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery, and Oasis HD which can be found on their website . We are looking forward to the release of the material from this expedition possibly in the spring of 2016. Maybe there will be some shots of your favorite dive shop! We will keep you posted.