Some Random Bits........


This week brought the return of Mel, a former permanent fixture around West End Divers for four years, and who was affectionately referred to as "She Who Must Be Obeyed". Leaving her Manager position here at WED three years ago, she has been at home in Perth finishing law school, and working as a barrister.

We are looking forward to having her around, the parties, diving and reunions should be intense! Although she only has two weeks here in her travel plans, we remember that her first short visit lasted six years!



West End Divers is welcoming Erica Morgan to the staff as Padi Scuba Instructor and Divemaster. This girl is like chewing gum on a wheel, she has gotten around. From living in a school bus while touring the United States, to Open Water certification in Venezuela, to Divemaster in Florida, to Instructor in Utila, and now to Roatan with a full passport. She has earned her homies moniker “Wherica?” 




Irish cuisine

West End being a bit of an international community we are constantly exposed to differing cultures, politics, points of view, fashion, and cuisine etc. etc. This week’s eye-brow raiser was brought in by our representative from the emerald isle Andy and his submittal of Clonakilty Black Pudding.



Try to contain your excitement North American dessert fans, this stuff ain’t served as a sweet after dinner treat, it is a processed breakfast meat substance containing oatmeal and dried blood! It is the opinion of this author that you could almost deal with the disgusting texture, if it weren't for the revolting taste. Assurances of better taste and experience when cooked and served in a full breakfast, were not visually apparent. Perhaps after a Guinness or six.

The Diving

If it’s calm seas and great visibility you are looking for, Roatan in August and September is hard to beat. Ocean temperatures are in the mid-eighties (30 C) and visibility can be in excess of 100 feet (far m). Many species hatch this time of year, so finds of rare tiny things become commonplace. It is a macro-photographer's dream! 



Recently posted in front of our Technical/Repair Division.

It’s a JOKE! John is a qualified technician of the highest order. There is no reason for him to cut anything……..anymore.