New Species!



Although they will tell you they are brothers in arms, underwater photographers are very competitive when it comes to getting the best shot, or far more importantly, finding a NEW SPECIES.

When a great friend of the shop Steve Zedekar,  photo instructor with Mickey Charteris  at Caribbean Reef Life Photography, came across what appeared to be a distinctly new species of jellyfish, you can bet that he was churning his digital camera into a binary froth. Rarely has such determined documentation as this been witnessed!

Unfortunately it turns out that although rare here on Roatan’s reefs, this jelly is quite common across the depth and breadth of North America. You see it was a set up. After being the brunt of a few of Steve’s practical jokes during a cold water vacation, Mickey decided that it was time for a pay-back. For just under two bucks, you too can see this unique jelly. Put it in your aquarium, toss it in the bath tub, hang it from your rear-view mirror, or take a few pictures to compete with Steve!