My Dive Shop - A Day In the Life

                             Heads will roll.


Guest writers are always welcome at THE BLOG. Today's submission is from no other than SHE in charge of policing the PRIME DIRECTIVE (the cat dish must have food in it, always). Beast has chronicled her typical day at the dive shop. We are amazed to find out that she writes with an Australian flair.


This is how My Day Goes


My day usually kicks off with the sun rising in my face, which is my cue to start the day with a bit of yoga, a couple of cat and cows, out on the dock.  This is the quietest time of the day until one of my favorite Humans comes into the shop about 6 and starts blasting the music they refer to as Classic Rock. IMHO I prefer chilled vibes of Café del Mar, but no one has asked me yet which radio station I would like to listen to.  This is when I get my first chin scratch of the day. I generally aim to achieve about 10 of these throughout the day, so it’s always nice to get one in early.

This is also when I eat the most important meal of the day breakfast. I used to have to supplement the dry food that they gave me with street morsels, but I guess one of the perks of getting older is that they take care of you more. My breakfast now consists of Fancy Feast off a bone china plate, you could say I was ageing with dignity. If you feel inclined to bring me any food, I only eat the grilled meats or seafood kind, you know watching my girly figure and all.

                           How sweet it is!

                           How sweet it is!

I know the day is well and truly underway when I start to smell coffee. I wish that one day they would let me have a milky coffee, I like milk, I love the smell of coffee, so I can only imagine that I might enjoy this drink.  I can generally be found in my Prime Viewing Position (PVP) for the day, looking out the window on John's desk and enjoying the invigorating scent of coffee.

Around 8:30 when all the unknown Humans start entering the dive shop, it can get kinda busy for me. If anyone is missing their pets they unleash all their affection on me. It sure makes a girl feel popular, even though sometimes they call me weird names like Fluffy, Snowball and Garfield. They ought to make me a name tag that prominently says Beast. I feel like telling Andy to start taking bookings and charging for this kind of thing, but then they’d have the change the sign.

 I call these Humans the crazy ones as I see them getting really excited and handing money over to go into the endless wet pit, I have heard them speak of as the Ocean. You couldn’t pay me enough kibble to get into the ocean.  I still recall my one and only experience as a tiny kitten being thrown into it, boy did I learn to swim fast(this was back in the days when I had no name and no Humans to feed me).

                               The PVP

                               The PVP

Once all the excitement has died down, this is when I get in a good nap session. I can either be found napping at my PVP or if the Café is closed for the day, I find I can squeeze in a solid power nap on the couch or in their flower beds. I don’t like hanging around too much upstairs when they are open as I find that a lot of dogs seem to frequent that place. They can smell me even when I am hiding in my secret location, so secret that I had three babies there and raised them to early kittenhood before I surprised everyone one morning with my new family. This was years ago, and they are all grown up now with humans of their own.

A good day normally involves more chin rubs around 11, when the Humans return. It’s incredible the amount of love I can cash in on, People just love to love me. I sometime will pose for photos, the only thing that gets me a little apprehensive with all this attention is if I have smaller type of Human come in for a pat. They are still figuring out what I am and are always way too fascinated with my tail.

The afternoons can always get a little unpredictable around here. If possible this is when I like to retire for nap number 2 of the day. I generally like to go somewhere a bit more secluded so I can really get in my beauty sleep, a girl just doesn’t wake up looking this good.  Sometimes if I really get into it I can cat nap through till sunset.

Now the sunsets here are the best, I really lucked out when I landed on my paws at this place. I have found the best location to view sunsets is from the second floor or on Splash Inn's Roof. Oh, to feel the last of the suns rays, it really just gives me a good feeling, and signals to me that I had better get ready for the second half of my day. I don’t want to delve into that one today, as well a girl has got to have her secrets, and one of the mottos I live by is keeping my work and personal life separate.  Lets just purr it this way, you won’t find me out singing karaoke at the Blue Marlin. 
Signing out