The Monthly Sightings January 2016

The Sightings Board. - Photo - Bugs

The Sightings Board. - Photo - Bugs

The first month of the new year is outta the way and it's time to bask in the glory of our sightings.

Perhaps you have noticed page numbers on our board. These page numbers reference the identification book Caribbean Reef Life, which has become the go to tome for us here at the shop to find out "wha-wassat?". Written by local diving legend, avid photographer, and teacher Mickey Charteris, all of the pictures in his book were taken right here in the Roatan Marine Park, and many while diving with West End Divers! This is a must have reference for anyone interested in sea life on the mesoamerican reef. Hardcopy and digital versions are available here.

That being said, the sighting that catches my eye this time is the Lookdown. This strange beast is not only rare enough that the choices for names were running out when its turn came up, but it hasn't been documented locally, and we have to refer to ID books by Paul Humann that cover this quarter of the globe.

Photo - Mickey Charteris

Photo - Mickey Charteris

Also right at the top we see the Nodose Rubble Crab. This is a new one to me and brings up images of a sleepless, grumpy resident of Bedrock. But it is a cute little bugger, maybe an inch across and a very rare find. Seen here on a bit of coral called the Corky Sea Finger, about  ¾ an inch (20mm) in diameter. Best seen on a night dive.



January's certifications!

Scuba Diver

Brett Bower

Open Water

Sophia Levman-Dolgin, Chloe Levman-Dolgin, Alexey Sazonov, Jennifer Swartz, Thomas Hubbard, Juan MacEda, Fredrik Loef, David Coates, Ana Vasquez, Stefanie Wurfel, Stephen Baines, Francisco Milan, Nicole Milan, Abdul Raja, Clairissa Estes, Savannah Estes, Amy Estes, and Sylvain Lefebvre.

Advanced Open Water

Fredrik Loef, Cina Espejord, Alexey Sazonov, Jacqueline Haussmann, Terry Walls, and Sunnie King.

EANx (Nitrox)

Sharon Ratcliffe

Tec Rec Gas Blender

Tom Thomson 

Tec Rec Trimix Blender

Tom Thomson

Congratulations to all!!