Found! An Unknown Seahorse!

The Monthly Sightings - Feb 2016

Although perhaps a little late this month, it is time to look back on February and all the things we saw!

This month's notable find goes to our very own Courtney Blankenship and her image of an unknown species of juvenile Seahorse! Found on one of our Blackwater Dives where the sighting of new and unknown species is almost the norm, these finds keep the staff surfing the webbernet looking for identifications. Got any idea what this is (?) let us know!


A New Face at the Shop!

We are so pleased to introduce the town of West End's own Chayanne Miller as the newest addition of our instructional staff. Growing up on, and around the reef right here, this Padi Instructor knows where everything is!


Photo Galleries!

In an attempt to keep you up to date on what the gang has been photographing here on the reef, we have added a Galleries section to the webpage offering pictures from the likes of; Courtney Blankenship, Manon Aimard, Mickey Charteris, Ken Wallace and Steve Zedekar. Click HERE, and then on "Galleries" to start your journey.

February's Certifications!

Joining us in the ranks of World-wide Scuba Divers with their Padi  Scuba Diver, and Open Water Certifications this month are:

Padi Scuba Diver

Lesley Morresey

Padi Open Water Diver

Guillaume Chenevert, Neil Neuhaus: Junior OW, April Neuhaus, Vaughn Norton Taylor, Patti Gonzales, Kevin Gonzales, David Goodman, Adam Carr, Erika Rieser, and Mia Tritter.

Continuing their underwater education:

Padi Advanced Open Water Diver

Mary Fadi, Michael Hunt, and Jasmin McLoughlin.

Padi Rescue Diver

Sean Richardson

Congratulations to All!