Back by Popular Demand - Our Live Web-Cam!

Click on the camera and see what's up!

Click on the camera and see what's up!

Did you miss us?

A couple of months ago our live webcam ceased to function, disappointing those trapped in corporate cubicles living the "life" vicariously through their monitors. 

Despair no more!

The good folks at Skyline Webcams, who supply and host the camera, have replaced the unit, and we are back! Go to our "home" page, click on the link, and see what's happening.

Added bonus: It is "Freak Week" ("Semana Santa", week of the Saints) where on mainland Honduras there are church services, village festivals, and family gatherings celebrating the resurrection of the savior, but here on Roatan it is where those not so inclined go to get "their freak on", and where the bars are allowed to stay open until 5 AM. We are not responsible for any behavior you may witness.