The Monthly Sightings March 2016

Once again we look back on the critters we have found in the last 30 days or so. To the shock and amazement of all in the vicinity, I actually dusted off the ol' scuba gear and joined our newest instructor Chayanne on a fun dive he was leading at the point down there by West End Wall.

Shortly into the dive the divers started huddling around Chayanne who has motioned them over to show off a find. Amazingly he has found THE THING, out and about feeding on the reef. A rare find, only the second one in my life, and a first for Chayanne.

photo from Google by Nadya Kulagina

photo from Google by Nadya Kulagina

These uncommon segmented worms are night predators reaching a maximum length of 18", and thank goodness for that! Beautiful, with iridescent scales and blue feathery tufts at every segment junction, they are a mesmerizing sight to behold. Those small organisms dealing with the business end of this THING are probably not so impressed.

She of a thousand fonts.

It is past due time to shout out a bit of recognition to our own Kristie Anderson, who is single handedly keeping us updated on the Recent Sightings board. We consistently have visitors in the shop just to check out "the board" with its Caribbean colors and weird finds. An accomplished and degreed graphic artist, Kristie is responsible for much of the original artwork that adorns our dive center, and other projects around the village. There must be someway to contact her...

March's Certifications

Scuba Diver:

Connor Kitt

Junior Open Water 

Mackenzie Green and Ethan Schlegal

Open Water

Natalie Perez, Kristine Perez, Ben Mathews, Laura Robin, Katarzyna Bednarowicz, Anna Jaworska, Cara Kenefsky, Antoine Dufour-Simard, Martine Simard, Sianne Hunter, Stefano Fussi, Jonah Weisskopf, Chee Chong Mon, Jeff Schlegel, Ashley Laha, and Kurt Laha.

Junior Advanced Open Water

Josh Miles

Advanced Open Water

Nick Miles, Katarzyna Bednarowicz, Anna Jaworska, Kathy Kennedy, Kewan Aboulhosn, Heather Deans, Tym Armstrong, Jameson Trudgen, Sarah Dickson, Jane Marshall, Rebecca Schmertman, and Melissa Burchill.


Fredericke Peiffer

Congratulations to All!