A Touch of Underachievement

The Monthly Sightings April 2016

Courtney can find 'em!

Courtney can find 'em!

My curiosity was piqued about a week ago when I realized that we might finish the month of April with a vast blank spot on "the Board". Tossing out the not too well received accusation of underachievement set me awash in excuses and  slackeresque reasonings. With assurances of a less-white white board for next month, let's explore last month's amazing finds!!

"I'm through chronicling the lives and aspirations of inanimate objects!" is what I should have said while firmly putting my foot down. No sooner thought, than what sews a button-hole in the fabric of my good intentions(?) but threads of the past gathered in the pleats of Bucho's Bank with the pattern of a Singer Sewing machine.

Scuba diving is the most amazing pastime and activity. You are able to fly weightlessly through the ocean's beauty to be astounded, and filled with wonder. 

Yep, I've been wondering for a week how the H-E-double toothpicks that sewing machine got there.



For many years now this wall has greeted visitors entering our dive center. Discarded hats, cheap guitar, maps, and place-mat like pictures of the usual fish all scattered about the shop backboard for trashcan sports.


We only have so much space, and how much is usually too little. When it was decided to showcase some of the amazing Blackwater photos we have been getting, something had to go. But we have a new picture display!


April's Certifications

Discover Scuba Diving

Dee Thomasson, Brendan Thomasson, Michael Thomasson, William Thomasson, Charlotte Mulica, Madison Templin, Miguel Meza, McKenzie Sorrell, Hilary Strollo and Meghan Greenfield.

 Scuba Diver

Demetrius Murray

Open Water Diver

Anna Jaworska, Erika Martin, Sehul Choksi, Jaya Choksi, Ariana Choksi, Patricia Hawk, Zoe Lazaris-Brunner, Rachael Spekking, Mark Trezza, Scott Byrd, Ryan Ceraci, Logan Brouse and Sarah Sobotka.

Advanced Open Water Diver

Anna Jaworska, Zoe Lazaris-Brunner, Rachael Spekking, Danny Jahn, Amy Higgens and Chee Cheong Mon.