The little guys are back!

Sliverin’ Silversides!!
— Sylvester the Cat, visiting Roatan

I went diving! You know, the scuba type and I am of the opinion I should do it more. 

It was decided on a whim the other morning that the three of us regulars, lying over a cup of coffee in the shop should jump on the morning boat with the pretext of policing the reef and get in a dive. Tom Thomson, Marty Grisham, and myself got on the boat with Courtney and her students, and on the way to the Blue Channel divesite the three of us jumped off at the site Haller Deep, planning to meet Courtney in the shallows of Blue Channel at the end.

Photo - Marty Grisham

Photo - Marty Grisham

Haller Deep is a great dive site where it is possible to get to "the edge" fairly shallow at about 100 feet deep, and peer down into the deep blue abyss. With Blue Channel right next door we ascend diagonally in that direction, and enter the channel from the ocean side. A few meters in the channel the reef disappears into a silver curtain-like cloud that continues on for 50 meters.

The Silversides are back! Small, 2" silver minnow-like fish that appear occasionally in July in protected channels and caves on the reef by the billions! (Maybe just hundreds of millions). This seems to be some sort of simultaneous hatch that is unpredictable to the casual observer. The last one here was seen three or four years ago.

We run our air low swimming through the mesmerizing schools watching Bar Jacks, and Groupers picking up an easy meal. As the predators approach the school the fish move in unison creating a curtain effect that I could watch for some time, remember lava lamps?

 Video, Mickey Charteris

Grabbing bragging rights upon our return to the shop with our announcement brought a bit of a stir with the Photo class in progress. Kal Lin just happened to be in the ¨artsy fartsy¨ part of Mickey´s Caribbean Reef Life Total Immersion Photo Class, and there was an instant plan to over-document this event the following day. We couldn't even keep Bugs away!