Insuring Great Diving

Normally I’m not a big fan of insurance. It is a lot like gambling, but you end up taking a hit to win. For a monthly wager you enter into a bet with a company that something won’t happen to you.  Take Life Insurance as an example; you bet with the insurance company (pay premiums) that you won’t die, and if you don’t die before a specified time the insurance company wins, and keeps your bet making profits they made in long term investments. However, when you win, you die, but the Insurance Company must pay off on the bet by giving your money back plus a bit of earnings to someone else. It is an empty victory at best. However there are instances where insurance is actually prudent, and SCUBA Diving is a prime example.


Scuba Diving is safe activity proven by the millions of dives taken without incident. However given the logistics of diving, and often travel to remote destinations, there are some potential risks for the divers, their equipment, and travel plans.

For your dive gear there are the possibilities of theft, and loss. The ocean is a big place and you would be surprised at the number of expensive cameras, lights, and assorted diving bric-a-brac that gets lost. Dive travel often is to places in the tropics where Travel Insurance can save you from the expense of tickets, and bookings upset by little things like tropical cyclones, or unexpected health issues.


Divers have risks of a different nature. Although we are all trained in safe diving practices, there is always the chance of unforeseen problems. We are spending time underwater and under pressure and as long as we are not naughty, and watch our depths and air supply, all should be good. However stuff happens; unforeseen physiological reactions to pressure, or neglecting your training and being naughty, can put you in a hyperbaric chamber to the tune of thousands of dollars for treatments (multiple are often required). There is also the odd chance of injury underwater. The ocean’s inhabitants have offensive and defensive mechanisms from teeth to venom and really sharp pointy things.

A diver enjoying the peace of mind that comes with adequate insurance.

A diver enjoying the peace of mind that comes with adequate insurance.

For these reasons I have carried a dive insurance policy since the day I started diving. I chose Divers Alert Network (DAN) insurance because they were the leader in the field, as they still are, and quite affordable.

DAN is a non-profit worldwide organization totally funded by divers and Diving organizations. To the diving community they provide expert information and advice for the benefit of its members and the diving public, including: Emergency medical advice and assistance for underwater diving injuries, while also promoting Diving Safety, Underwater Diving Research and Education, and providing information on issues of common concern to the diving public.

To their members, DAN provides:

            24 hour Diving Accident Hotline

            Medical Advice

            Diving Accident Insurance

            Travel Insurance

            Hyperbaric Chamber Coordination

            Emergency Evacuation Coordination

All this provides peace of mind when you are on remote dive sites around pristine Caribbean islands.

Signing up is easy and done Online prior to your trip, or if you are diving with a DAN Business Partner you can do it in your wetsuit, minutes before your next dive!