Some of our favorite dive gear

We asked around the shop to see what our staff and friends think about their dive gear. What's your favorite piece of dive gear and why?

John: Mask. Personally, the mask changes my dive more than anything else. In the 1960s, there were no nose pockets, and the strap had to be so tight to make a good seal. It was really difficult to equalize. Your mask would always leak. Today the masks are so much better and it's worth getting one that fits well. Great masks are crucial to great dives. Here are some tips from PADI on choosing a good mask.

Tom: My newest favorite dive toy is my new flashlight. The beam angle is more focused (four degrees) and with 900+ lumens it's good for even daylight use. 

Andy: Rear-inflate BCD. Diving with a rear-inflate BCD helps keep me more trim in the water. It's more comfortable to maintain buoyancy and it's easier to maintain a safe distance from the reef. It makes diving comfortable and it keeps the reef healthy. 

Mickey. My camera, and especially my lanyard so I don't lose my camera! I publish a book called Caribbean Reef Life, which includes pics of all the great stuff you'll see in Roatan. Even after thousands and thousands of dives, I'm always on the hunt for new species.

Dewey. I love my surface markers. I dive with two: one is a smaller one for daily use (Deep Sea Supply) with a build quality that's fantastic, while the other (Divers Alert Network) doubles as a 30-pound lift bag and is great for when conditions are rough.

Manon. I love my new neoprene top. It's neon, 1980s style, and it makes it easier for my divers to locate me underwater. Plus it keeps me warm. It's easy to lose heat underwater so it's important to have the proper exposure gear.

Bugs. My weight belt. If I didn't have that I would be Scuba Floating, but the NDLs would be insane.